Appel à communication : 41st annual Byzantine Studies Conference

BYZANCEPEINTU004Call for International Center of Medieval Art (ICMA) Sponsored 
Session Proposals
ICMA @ BYZANTINE STUDIES CONFERENCE, New York, 22-25 October, 2015
Proposals are invited for a session at the 41st annual Byzantine 
Studies Conference to be sponsored by the International Center
of Medieval Art (ICMA) at the upcoming conference in
New York this fall, 22-25 October 2015,
 taking place across multiple institutions. Thanks 
to the generosity of the Kress Foundation, the ICMA might be able to 
provide travel and hotel funds for the speakers at such a session up to 
a maximum of $600 for domestic travel, and up to $1200 for speakers 
coming from abroad.  Every speaker must be an ICMA member at the time 
of application.
To be properly considered, the proposed session should relate to both 
art history and Byzantine studies.  The BSC warmly welcomes the 
participation of western and Islamic art historians.
The proposed session will need to pass two hurdles. The procedure is 
the following:
1. Submit a proposal for an organized session, with a title, an 
abstract, a CV of the organizer and the names of 4-5 speakers, to the 
Programs and Lectures Committee of the ICMA for its approval.
2. The ICMA committee will decide whether to sponsor the proposed 
session.  It will notify the organizer, who will then submit the 
approved proposal to the Program Committee of the BSC, which will make 
the final decision.
The deadlines are these:
7 March: Submit the session proposal to the ICMA by sending it to Prof. 
Janis Elliott at Texas Tech University, Chair, ICMA Programs and 
Lectures Committee ( Guidelines are available on 
the ICMA website:, under Membership/Kress 
Research and Travel Awards. Successful applicants will be notified by 
25 March.
1 April. Submit the approved session proposal to the BSC, following the 
guidelines that are posted on the Byzantine Studies Association of 
North America website: An abstract for each of the individual papers will be 
required at this time. Abstracts are reviewed blindly; speakers and 
session organizers are usually notified by mid-May.
Speakers in ICMA sponsored sessions will be refunded only after the 
conference, against travel receipts.  When available, the Kress funds 
are allocated for travel and hotel only.  In addition to presenters, 
organizers delivering papers as an integral part of the session (i.e. 
with a specific title listed in the program) are now also eligible.  Go 
to: .

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