Appel à communication : « Digital Legacies of the Avant-Garde »

In what ways has the formation, development and critique of today’s digital environments been shaped by the concepts and practices of the avant-garde ? This international conference held at The American University of Paris considers the question by exploring the potential avant-garde and modernist genealogies of contemporary digital culture.

Topics may include:

— historical relationships between the avant-garde, mass media and networked digital media
— Internet art and hacker culture
— analog and digital networking
— authenticity, appropriation and intertextuality
— medium specificity and intermedia
— systems structures
— collectives, subcultures and transnational movements
— conformity and subversion
— framings of modernism and postmodernism through digital media theory
— political action and agency
— artist and machine
— audience, participant and reception theories
— narratives of technology and progress
— spatial and temporal relationships
— kinesis and stasis
— ephemerality and permanence

Proposals that reference the Paris avant-garde are particularly desirable. In addition to researchers and scholars, artists, designers, and hackers are encouraged to participate.

Proposals for presentations should include a 300-word abstract and short biographical note. All submissions must be sent to by 30 November 2011. All applicants will be notified by 15 December.

Stephen Monteiro
The American University of Paris

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