Appel à communication : « Lost and Fragmentary Works of Art (Rome, 19-20 Mars 2015) »

pannini-capriccio-d-un-forum-romain-1741Lost and Fragmentary Works of Art (Rome, 19-20 Mar 2015)

Rome, March 19 – 20, 2015 Deadline: Jan 10, 2015

Call for Papers: Between absence and presence: lost and fragmentary works of art Rome Art History Network (RAHN) Graduate Conference  Rome, Accademia d’Ungheria and Roma Tre, March 19-20, 2015

The Rome Art History Network (RAHN) – in collaboration with the  Università degli Studi Roma Tre and the Istituto Balassi, Accademia  d’Ungheria in Roma – is pleased to announce its third Graduate  Conference and call for papers. The conference is open to all current  doctoral students both at Italian universities and foreign academies in Italy. Following up on our previous RAHN Graduate Conferences, this  third edition also seeks to explore methodological issues. The purpose  of the conference is to bring graduate students in art history together  in a collaborative setting in order to hear and discuss research and  exchange ideas. The 2015 conference is dedicated to research on works  of art that are either lost or in fragments, as well as the theoretical  and practical problems that they raise.  Works of art that time and history have irreparably altered challenge  the methodological tools available to scholars in art history. How does  one study a work of art or a monument that has been lost or reduced to  fragments? What value should one give to their context? How does one  use indirect, visual, and written evidence? Such questions are of  concern not only to art historical studies, but also to practical  application in the fields of conservation, museum studies, and artistic  experiments.  We welcome proposals from all areas of relevance to this topic,  including but not limited to:

– The study of lost or fragmentary works of art (past and present)

– Assessment of evidence and documentation from photographs, prints,  drawings, literary texts, archival documents, etc.

– The fragment through the centuries: modes of perception and reception  (aesthetics, theory, etc.)

– The fragment as an artistic practice and object of reflection

– Lost and/or fragmentary objects in conservation

– Museum studies: the fragment contextualised and exhibited

A short abstract (200-300 words) together with a brief Curriculum Vitae  should be sent to: by January 10, 2015.

We look forward to twenty-minute papers from current doctoral  candidates in art and architectural history presenting case studies  with methodological implications.

The conference will be held in  Italian, but papers in English are also welcome. Unfortunately, RAHN  will not be able to cover the speakers’ travel costs.

Organizers: Alexandra Blanc and Lorenzo Riccardi, in collaboration with  Ariane Varela Braga.


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