Appel à communication : « Myth-Making from Medusa to Madonna » (Coventry, 18 juin 2013)

This one-day interdisciplinary conference aims to bring together researchers from a variety of disciplines to explore the definition, function and transmission of ‘myth’ from ancient times to the digital age. Organised by the Postgraduate Scholars of the Humanities Research Centre (HRC), Warwick, this conference seeks to elaborate on the established scholarship of myth-making through the exploration of new theoretical approaches and case studies from ancient and modern contexts.

This conference forms part of a wider interdisciplinary investigation into myth at the HRC and will include interactive activities in addition to papers. The day will also incorporate presentations from the prize-winning entries from the ‘Myth-Making’ competition run in Warwickshire and West Midlands through the HRC. It aims to bring 16-18 year olds into closer contact with academic researchers.

Research questions for twenty-minute papers include but are not limited to:

– How does myth function in particular contexts and locations ?

– How have researchers interpreted myths ? Are there interdisciplinary approaches to myth ?

– How do myths change over time? How is myth performed ?

– Is myth predicated on an idea of inclusion/exclusion ? What is its relationship to community (both national and local)? What myths  operate in particular public institutions (e.g. schools)?

– What is the relationship between myth and ‘truth’ ?

– How are myths deployed in literature and art ? Do literature and art become myths ?

– How are myths created and transmitted in the ‘digital age’?


Please submit all proposals (max. 300 words) to  by 29 March 2013. We encourage applications from academic researchers, postgraduate students and institutions. We also welcome proposals for panel sessions.

It is intended to produce a publication as a result of this conference.

This conference is organised by the HRC Postgraduate Scholars (2012-13): Nicholas Collins (English), Alice Eden (History of Art), Grace Huxford (History), Alexandra Marchel (Theatre and Performance Studies) and Rebecca Taylor (Classics). For further information please email  or Sue Dibben at

For more information on the Warwick HRC Postgraduate Scholars see

One-day Interdisciplinary Conference
Tuesday 18 June 2013, University of Warwick

‘With myth everything becomes possible.’ – Claude Levi-Strauss (1963)
‘It’s this myth, this perfect story, and it wasn’t true.’ – Lance Armstrong, Oprah Winfrey Show (2013)


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