Appel à communication: Narratives and Visual Images of Slavery, Forced Labor, and Genocide, New Orleans, 3-6janv. 2013

Representing the Irrepresentable: Narratives and Visual Images of Slavery, Forced Labor, and Genocide
127th American Historical Association Meeting; New Orleans, January 3  – 6, 2013

Convened by Ana Lucia Araujo (Department of History; Howard  University, Washington, DC)

This workshop will gather scholars working on written narratives  (documents, autobiographies, personal journals, novels, etc.) and  visual images (painting, drawings, photographs, engravings, movies,  etc.) dealing with forced displacement, enslavement, slavery, forced  labor, war, and genocide. The various participants will engage in  understanding how the multiple dimensions of traumatic human  experiences can be conveyed through images and narratives. How  historians can examine written and visible representations of  irrepresentable events? Can narratives and images provide reliable and/ or accurate information for historians to interpret traumatic  dimensions of past and present human experience? How historians  articulate the use of eyewitness accounts (visual and written) with  fiction (novel, films) in order to represent past traumatic  experiences? What are the limits, the challenges, and the  possibilities faced by historians who employ narratives and images of  trauma in their works? By focusing on various historical periods and  geographical areas, scholars are invited to submit proposals  addressing these questions and examining specific case studies.
Papers  focusing on the Atlantic slave trade and slavery, colonialism in  Africa, the Holocaust, Nazi labor camps, the Armenian genocide, the  Apartheid, the Rwandan genocide, the war in Darfur, contemporary  slavery, and human trafficking, are welcome.

Please send your paper proposal no later than February 1st 2012 to: or

Paper proposals must contain:
– Paper’s title
– Abstract (up to 300 words)
– Biographical paragraph (up to 250 words, no curriculum vitae, please)
– Correct mailing and e-mail address
– Audiovisual needs, if anyChairs and commentators, please send:

Please note: – Abstracts of accepted proposals will be posted on the AHA program  website.
– Papers must be submitted on December 1st 2012 for the panel
Ana Lucia Araujo
Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
Howard University
Department of History
Frederick Douglass Memorial Hall
2441 6th Street N.W.
Room 316 B
Washington D.C.
United States


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