Appel à communication pour le congrès de Renaissance Society of America (New York, 27-29 mars 2014)

Ce colloque annuel est toujours une bonne occasion pour être informé des derniers courants de la recherche, et pour rencontrer de nombreux studiosi de tous les continents. Les thématiques liées à l’histoire de l’art sont très variées et ouvertes. Des bourses sont offertes par la Kress Foundation pour les participants étrangers.

Pour les thèmes retenus pour la section histoire de l’art, cliquez ici.

Suivent ici les informations principales, pour avoir plus d’éléments voir le site dédié :

The Program Committee welcomes submissions for individual papers or panels on any aspect of Renaissance studies, or the era ca. 1300–1700. Members are invited to post calls for papers on our website to aid in the organization of sessions.

Most sessions are composed of three 20-minute papers. This leaves time in the 90-minute slot for formal responses or for questions from the audience. Each session must have a chair who is not also speaking in the session; a respondent is optional. Other formats, such as roundtable discussions, are allowed, but they too must have a chair who stands outside the discussion and moderates it.

Concatenated sessions on a single theme or in honor of a single scholar are allowed, normally in sequences of two or three sessions, but with a maximum of five. The reasoning behind this rule is that participants should be able to attend the meeting as a whole and not be sequestered in a conference-within-the-conference.

A good abstract will reveal the kernel of the argument and will inform specialists in the field of what is new about the research. Generalities known to everyone, or research that a scholar intends to do but has not yet begun, are not appropriate. Relevant information, e.g. the presentation of a newly discovered manuscript or work of art, should be included.

The deadline for all submissions is Tuesday, 11 June 2013.

For the last several years the RSA has been able to offer travel stipends from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation to help support travel to the RSA conference. Individuals traveling from outside North America who are proposing papers on topics in art history may apply for a Kress travel stipend. An RSA committee reviews all applications and then applies to the Kress Foundation for travel funds. Kress travel grants are very competitive, and conference travel funding is not guaranteed. Session organizers, chairs, and respondents are not eligible for travel grants; only individuals who are authors of accepted papers will be eligible. If you meet the eligibility requirements (proposing an art history paper; traveling from outside North America) you may submit an application: please sign in to RSA and then use the main submission link below. The application requires: paper title; abstract (no longer than 150 words); curriculum vitae (no longer than 300 words); statement of need (no longer than 100 words).

Session organizers may not apply on behalf of applicants; the paper author must apply for a Kress grant him/herself. This is a separate application from the rest of the submission process.

The deadline for Kress applications is 11 June 2013.




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