Appel à communication : « The Reception of German Art » (AAH, 10-12 avril 2014, Londres)

London, Royal College of Art, April 10 – 12, 2014
Deadline-CFP: 11 nov. 2013

Call for Papers

The Reception of German Art, Art Theory, and Philosophy by the Americas in the 20th Century
Panel at the AAH Annual Conference, London
The panel considers the impact of German Art, Art Theory, Aesthetics, and Philosophy on the Americas. The goal is to focus on German cultural transfer and influence in American Art History and Philosophical discourse. In the 20th century, many German artists and art theorists had to emigrate to the Americas. This contributed to the dissemination of Germany Art and Art Theory in the Americas.
We are trying to examine critically the dialog between American and German Art using Marcusian terms. World Wars I and II are very important to understanding German exile, as well as emigration and dissemination of German culture in the Americas. Moreover, the subject of German exile is not restricted to « escape » from the wars or political persecution, but it also reflects a strong nostalgic feeling for Germany and how this is represented in American visual art.
Another important factor is the fundamental role of American museums, galleries, collectors, art markets, and the discipline of German Studies in America. The interactions between these institutions promote awareness of inter- and trans-cultural issues not commonly understood about German art. German emigration contributes to the dialog in modern and contemporary contexts and the concept of cultural issues in national and local discourse in our globalized world. Papers should address one or more of the following topics: German Art, Art Theory, and Aesthetics in the Americas.

Abstracts (max. 250 words) for papers of 20 minutes are to be sent
to Tatiane de Oliveira Elias (
and to Fernando Scherer (
by 11 November 2013.
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