Appel à communication : « Urban Heritage and Urban Images: Imagineering Urban Heritage » (Berlin, octobre 2015)

Joan Blaue, Toonneel der Steden, 1652Images of cities have a long history and they are since long research object of the art history and related disciplines. However city images, produced due to economic purposes, are analysed only since short time, primarily in the social sciences. The production of city images is conceptualized as Urban Imagineering. This describes a differentiated field of discourses and practices in which above all agents from city branding and urban economy are involved, but also urban politics and architecture in order to generate specific pictures, narratives and symbols of urbanity. Nevertheless, these city branding and identity creating processes are continuously changing and at the same time influencing the self-image of the city: this happens in a matrix of urban images, history, economy and heritage.
In this context a special function comes up to the tangible heritage: Along various interests different components of the heritage are interpreted with the help of history anew. They are overloaded with different symbols and narratives in order to acknowledge their uniqueness.

In this frames the workshop aims to ask for the interaction between image, history and architecture. The following questions are formulated:
– Which interaction exists between the tangible heritage and the production of city images?
– To what extend does history play a role in the process of transformation of heritage into images?

The workshop intends to introduce and analyze case studies from all over Europe. There are especially such cases studies required which discuss the following perspectives:
– Outgoing from architecture, they focus on the interaction between image, history and materiality in urban space;
– Outgoing from social practices, they analyse the constructed and projected images.

Languages of the workshop are :  german and english.

Please submit your proposal of ca. 800 characters and some personal information as well as contact details by May 15, 2015 to:


Eszter Gantner 
Institut für Europäische Ethnologie
Mohrenstr 41, 10407 Berlin
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