Appel à contribution : « East-Central European Criticism After the Fall of Communism »

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Issue 1(8)/2013

East-Central European Criticism After the Fall of Communism: Cinema, Theatre, Visual Arts, Literature.

After the fall of Communism in East-Central Europe, the newly gained liberty of expression has generated both a creative euphoria and a liberalization of critical interpretation. Since everything had to be rebuilt in keeping with the democratic principles after forty years of totalitarianism, criticism – in all fields, from visual arts to literature or cinema – has remained, at least in the 1990s, a sort of old acquaintance somehow useless for the making of the new society. Only after the year 2000, when the economical, social and political transition became relatively stable for the majority of the countries in the region, critical reflection gained more legitimacy, acquired a certain sense of adequacy and redefined its social function.

Therefore, can we speak about critical methodologies that are specific for this intellectual geographical area, in the post-censorship decades? Is the recent Eastern-European criticism an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural effort, one that is easily exportable to the West? Or is it an intellectual model that is coherent only for an autochthonous paradigm? How the critical thinking models practiced mostly in the West (such as Postcolonialism, Critical Theory, Feminism or Cultural Studies) have entered and changed the East-Central European criticism? And finally, does criticism remain only a strong academic discipline or does it still hold resources for shaping the public taste?

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