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Residential scholarship for the study of 20th-century glass-making art in Venice

Thanks to the contribution of Pentagram Stiftung, the Fondazione Giorgio Cini offers 1 six-month residential scholarship for the purpose of studying 20th-century glass-making art in Venice. The scholarship is worth 6,200 euros (gross sum) and accommodation free of charge for 6 months at the Vittore Branca Center Residence.
Part of the Stanze del Vetro project, the scholarship will be awarded to an Italian or foreign undergraduate or graduate student (PhD or post-doctorate) wishing to spend six months doing research at the Glass Study Center / Institute of Art History in the period April–December 2020.

Candidates shall propose a research topic preferably focused on the archives and documents in the Glass Study Center (

Candidates are invited to contact directly the Glass Study Center ( to book a visit and view its archive materials.

Obligations for scholarship holders
To receive payment and to continue enjoying the benefits of the scholarship at the Vittore Branca Center, scholarship holders are required to:
– stay in the Vittore Branca Center Residence for six consecutive months in the chosen period (April to December 2020). Trips for research purposes, attending conferences or work commitments related to the research project at the Glass Study Center must be documented in writing in advance and will not be added to the days of absence for personal reasons. Days of absence for personal reasons must not add up to more than 30 working days. Absences are counted from Monday to Saturday; Sundays are excluded;
– present their research project to the academic and professional community at the Fondazione and to scholars and researchers at the Vittore Branca Center during the scholarship period and attend all presentations of other scholarship holders’ research projects during their residency;
– report regularly to their academic tutor on research work in progress and submit a monthly written report on the status of their research project;
– mention the scholarship, using the exact wording, in their curriculum vitae and in any publications associated with their research at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini Institute of Art History.

How to apply:
Candidates shall send their scholarship application in .pdf version to:, complete with the required documents (see below).

Applications shall be sent by 29 February 2020 with the following enclosed documents:
– application form –
– degree certificate(s) with marks for individual exams, or an equivalent or superior
– a copy of a degree dissertation (for PhD students) or doctorate thesis (for post- doctorate researchers) and copies of any other relevant academic works
– curriculum vitae, including knowledge of languages
– description of the research topic (around 1,500 words) proposed by the candidate, specifying aims, time scale, and materials and documents to be consulted at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini
– 2 reference letters from professors and scholars on headed paper who supervise or have supervised the candidate / optional

Candidates considered to be suitable on the grounds of the documents presented will be invited for an interview in Italian or English by telephone or video-link with one or more directors of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini Institute of Art History and may be asked to provide supplementary information. The scholarships will be awarded by the Fondazione Giorgio Cini Institute of Art History with no right of appeal.

Both positive and negative results of the assessment of the scholarship applications will be communicated by end of March 2020.

Anyone who has already been awarded a scholarship to the Vittore Branca Center is not eligible to re-apply, whereas previously unsuccessful candidates may apply again.


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