Fellowship Program : Architectures of Order

Architectures of Order
Fellowship Program

The LOEWE Research Cluster Architectures of Order is an interdisciplinary research project (2020-2023) of the Goethe University Frankfurt and Technical University of Darmstadt, with the Max-Planck-Institute for European Legal History and the Deutsche Architekturmuseum as associated partners. Comprising 26 members, the project is concerned with an investigation of architecture as a cultural practice of ordering, that manifests aesthetically, materially, spatially, discursively as well as epistemologically. Hence, the project is as much interested in the influence that architecture exercises on societal, cultural, scientific and technological practices of ordering as it is in how architectural practices of ordering are shaped by society, culture and science. It furthermore focuses especially on exploring the interaction between these two territories. Given the interdisciplinary nature of its scope, the project assembles expertise from the fields of architectural history and theory, history, sociology, cultural and media studies, and design theory, further complementing them with competences in architectural design and media practice.

The Architectures of Order (AO) Fellowship Program aims to expand the thematic scope and expertise of the resident research group of the project as well as its national and international networks. It provides two fellows per year with the opportunity to spend a research stay of 1-3 months in Frankfurt am Main, GER. One fellow each year will be selected and invited directly by the research group, the other is openly advertised. We are inviting applications from applicants at all career levels who hold at least a PhD.

The work of the fellow should demonstrate connections with the goals of the project as well as its annual research themes, which are:

2020 – Architecture as Metaphor
2021  – Built Order
2022 – Designing Order
2023 – Order/Chaos

The annual theme for 2020, Architecture as Metaphor is also the topic of the international conference Architecture_Metaphor, organized by the LOEWE research project and scheduled for 6-7 November 2020 at Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM) in Frankfurt am Main. Please refer to the Call for Papers for more information on this year’s research theme.

Applicant Requirements
In accordance with the interdisciplinary scope of the research project, we welcome applications from diverse disciplinary backgrounds including those but not restricted to the areas of expertise already represented by its resident members (architectural history and theory, art history, cultural and media studies, history, sociology and design theory). We accept applications from scholars of all career levels and particularly welcome interest from early career researchers (applicants are required to hold a PhD).

We accept applications for stays of 1-3 months, contingent on the scope and requirements of the proposed research project. These should take place any time between October 2020 and March 2021. The exact start date and duration of fellowships will be discussed with the fellow following a successful application. Please note that the stay should concur with the teaching term at Goethe University Frankfurt (winter term: October – February, summer term: April – July).

Fellows will be fully integrated into the research group during their stay. They are expected to take up residency in Frankfurt am Main, to actively participate in the events organized by the LOEWE Architectures of Order (AO) project as well as by the Center for Critical Studies in Architecture (CCSA) and to present their research (work in progress) in a public lecture.

Fellows will receive a monthly stipend of €3,200 during their stay. Stipends are meant to cover costs for accommodation, board, insurance, etc. We will furthermore cover the costs of an economy round-trip to Frankfurt am Main, GER.
Fellowship Application

Please send your application for this year’s fellowship by 1 July 2020 to: walther@kunst.uni-frankfurt.de. The application must include the following documents compiled in one PDF file.

Project proposal – approximately 1000 words
The proposal should briefly introduce the research project and address how it connects to the aims of the LOEWE project and the annual theme. It is also supposed to demonstrate the relevance of the project, locate it within current debates and specify your goals and plans for the fellowship.

Work schedule – approximately 500 words
Please provide a brief schedule that demonstrates how you plan to spend your time during the fellowship.

A CV of no more than 4 pages

Writing sample
This can be an article or a chapter from a more comprehensive piece of writing of at least 10 and no more than 20 pages.

Please provide contact details for two referees.

For more information on the Architectures of Order research cluster visit the Architectures of Order website. For any questions or concerns regarding the fellowship program please get in touch with:

Dr. des. Linda Walther
Coordinator – LOEWE Research Cluster Architectures of Order
phone +49(0)69-798-28705

Art History Department
Goethe-Universität Frankfurt | Campus Bockenheim
Senckenberganlage 31
60325 Frankfurt am Main

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