Montalembert Research Prize – Arts of the Mediterranean world from Antiquity to our day

The Marc de Montalembert Foundation and the École du Louvre have formed a partnership to sponsor the Marc de Montalembert Prize, worth 9,000 euros. The prize will be awarded to support a research project whose anticipated results will constitute an original contribution to the knowledge of the arts of the Mediterranean world from Antiquity to our day. The Foundation will also offer the prize holder the possibility of a residency at its headquarters in Rhodes, Greece.

Eligibility requirements
To be eligible, the candidate must:
– be either born in or a citizen of a country bordering the Mediterranean;
– be under 35 years of age on November 30, 2023;
– hold a PhD degree (doctorate).

The successful candidate will have to provide legal proof of their eligibility before the prize can be conferred.

Type of support provided
– scolarship worth 9,000 euros;
– one month-residence at the Ecole du Louvre’s Research Center along with an allowance to support a one month-stay in Paris;
– possibility of residence at the Foundation’s headquarters in Rhodes (Greece).
Evaluation of candidates When evaluating the candidates, the jury will take into account their curriculum vitae as well as the originality, impact, feasibility and relevance to the Mediterranean world of their project. Applications should preferably be submitted in French, although those in English will also be considered. They should include a projected work schedule, an estimate of expenses, and a presentation of anticipated results and the dissemination of the project. The research proposal must be accompanied by a hand-written cover letter in French and two reference letters (in French or English) by qualified research professionals who can attest to the candidate’s academic standing as well as the quality of their research project.
Only individual projects will be considered.
Implementation of the grant
The research period will begin with a month in Paris, based at the Research Centre of the École du Louvre. Living expenses will be covered by the Foundation Marc de Montalembert with a flat-rate allowance.
The prize holder will receive scientific advice from a member of the École’s academic staff, with whom she/he will be in regular contact for the duration of the project. The winner of the prize undertakes to submit at the end of the project an article describing her/his achievements for possible publication in the Cahiers de l’École du Louvre. The results of her/his work will be published in an appropriate form, and possibly with the support of the École du Louvre.

Application timeline
– Application deadline: midnight November 30, 2023, either by email or by post, postmarked by the deadline date.
– The result will be announced during January 2023.

Important reminder: documents (in PDF format) should be submitted to or should be sent (on paper) by post to the following address:
Ecole du Louvre
prix Marc de Montalembert
Palais du Louvre
Porte Jaujard, place du Carrousel
75038 Paris cedex 01

Applications should include
– a Curriculum Vitae
– a hand-written cover letter in French
– the project (written in French or English), explaining the research proposal and the anticipated results
– a work schedule
– an estimated budget (research fees and living allowance are eligible, publication costs are not)
– at least two reference letters.

Incomplete applications will be refused.

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