Poste : Assistant Curator of Prints and Drawings – Royal Collection Trust

Poste : Assistant Curator of Prints and Drawings – Royal Collection Trust

It’s revealing the layers of history behind one of the world’s great collections.

It’s working as one team to deliver impressive projects. And it’s the satisfaction of presenting and promoting an outstanding collection of drawings and prints. This is what makes working for Royal Collection Trust so exceptional.

The Royal Collection contains an internationally important collection of 40,000 drawings and watercolours and 120,000 prints, from the fifteenth century to the present day.

Taking on a wide range of curatorial activities, you’ll ensure that the collection is accessible to all, through study and group visits, public enquiries, learning events, loans and exhibitions.

You’ll develop your expertise and in-depth knowledge, and uncover the stories behind our collection. And you’ll share your knowledge through a wide range of platforms, creating and delivering talks and social media content that aim to inspire and engage with the broadest audience possible.

You’ll help make sure the records of the collection are expertly maintained and enhanced. And you’ll bring this knowledge to a worldwide audience, keeping our online database up to date and easy to use.

Collaboration will be part of your daily routine and key to your success. You’ll liaise with teams across Royal Collection Trust on conservation projects and exhibition programmes. And you’ll play a key part in the storage, movement and hanging of the collection, in locations across the UK and beyond.

And as you develop your curatorial skills, you’ll bring people closer to a truly unique history.

With a relevant degree and experience of working in a museum or art gallery, you’re ready to develop your existing knowledge further.

You’ll have a good understanding of western art and history, and ideally the challenges of working with historic interiors.

You’ll be highly organised, perhaps with previous project experience, and able to plan and deliver projects alongside a daily workload and tight deadlines.

Outstanding administration skills will be essential, along with a high attention to detail and confidence using varied IT programs.

An effective communicator, you’ll enjoy collaborating with team members and colleagues who are specialists in their own field. Good presentation skills are vital.

You’re also confident working independently to deliver excellent results, eager to immerse yourself in the unique opportunities that the Collection presents.

Vacancy Closing Date: 09/01/2022, 23:55

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