Print: APS Collaboration Grant and Schulman and Bullard Article Prize

The Association of Print Scholars is pleased to announce two forthcoming award opportunities related to printmaking. Please see the announcements below for the following:

1) Association of Print Scholars Collaboration Grant ($1,000)
2) Schulman and Bullard Article Prize ($2,000)

Applications for both are due on January 31, 2023. Details can also be found at

The APS Collaboration Grant funds public programs and projects that foster collaboration between members of the print community and/or encourage dialogue between the print community and the general public. The grant carries a maximum award of $1,000. Projects should provide new insights into printmaking and introduce prints to new audiences.

Examples of potential collaborative projects include, but are not limited to, the following:
A multi-speaker conference or symposium;
A single-speaker lecture;
A workshop focused on identifying printmaking methods and techniques and/or print media;
A study day with printmakers and paper conservators focused on printed materials;
An educational program about printmaking intended for the general public.

Application Requirements and Review Criteria
Successful proposals must address all of the following criteria, which must be consolidated into a single PDF document titled with the applicant’s name:
– Proposal narrative describing the collaborative project and identifying organizers and goals. Ideally, this should include: how the project will contribute towards advancing print scholarship; a list of speakers and their affiliations (if applicable); anticipated target audience; and, how the project will facilitate collaboration between members of the print community, and/or between the print community and the general public. – In addition, this narrative should address the feasibility of realizing this project within the proposed time frame (500-1000 words).
– Budget detailing how grant funding would be spent and how the project can be realized within the funding amount provided by APS. Please list any other grants for which the applicant(s) has applied, amounts, and the outcomes (if known).
– Short CV(s) (fewer than 2 pages) for key applicant(s) involved in organizing this program or project.

The time frame for the grant is one year. The successful applicant will be notified by the end of March, and the grant must be applied to event costs within one year of notification. For full consideration, please send all required materials, organized in a single PDF document titled with the applicant’s name, by January 31, 2023 to the APS Grants Committee at

*The APS Collaboration Grant does not fund overhead or indirect costs. Indirect costs are costs for activities or services that support the organization as a whole, such as administrative costs not associated with the delivery of the grantee’s particular program or project services. Please note that funds awarded from the grant may only be applied to direct costs outlined in the submitted proposal budget. Acceptable project expenses and direct costs may include, but are not limited to, the following: professional fees/honoraria; travel and lodging expenses; supplies and materials; meetings and conference costs (i.e. space rental fees, etc.). Food or beverage expenses for receptions and dinners/lunches are excluded.

The Association of Print Scholars invites applications for the ninth Schulman and Bullard Article Prize. The Prize is given annually to an article published by an early-career scholar that features compelling and innovative research on fine art prints or printmaking. The award, which carries a $2,000 prize, is generously sponsored by Susan Schulman and Carolyn Bullard. Following the mission of the Association of Print Scholars, articles can feature aspects of printmaking across any geographic region and all chronological periods. Articles will be evaluated by a panel of advanced scholars for the author’s commitment to the use of original research and the article’s overall contribution to the field of fine print scholarship.

The Association of Print Scholars invites nominations and self-nominations for the 2023 Schulman and Bullard Article Prize that meet the following criteria:
Authors must have graduated with an MA, MFA, or PhD fewer than 10 years prior to article publication and have less than 10 years of experience as a practicing professional in an academic or museum institution or as an independent scholar.
– Authors must be current members of APS.
– Articles must have been published in a journal, exhibition catalogue, or anthology between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022. Online publications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
– Articles must be between 3,000 and 10,000 words, inclusive of footnotes and references.
– Entries for consideration must be in English, though the text of the original article may be in any language.

To submit an article for consideration, please send the completed nomination form along with an electronic or hard copy of the article to the APS Grants Committee at by January 31, 2023.


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