Appel à communication : « Oral History as Method: Writing a History of Diverse Architectural Voices » (Pasadena/Los Angeles, SAH, 6-10 avril 2016)

Entretien avec Vincen Cornu, Architecte, Paris, 4 février 2014Oral history as a mode of research has brought about a significant diversification of the voices that elucidate and construct the canon of modern architecture. However its place within the discipline of architectural history is not yet fully accepted. Architecture remains a strongly authorised practice, as the authority to speak for and about buildings is still attached to author figures. Their design intentions are often privileged over other possible accounts. Furthermore, in architecture, as in other disciplines, oral history conversations take place within a particular professional context and culture, with all the tropes, types, patterns, clichés and performances of professional belonging that . . . → En lire plus