Appel à publication : « Figures of the Artist. The Image of the Artist in the Forms of Literary Writing », Elephant & Castle, n°25 (Bergame, 2021)

“Art: a coven of freaks”: this is how Emanuele Trevi gives expression (Sogni e favole, 2019), with icastic memorability, to one, perhaps the most widespread, commonplace on the artist’s profile. Since when Ernst Kris and Otto Kurz (in Legend, Myth and Magic in the Image of the Artist, 1934) highlighted the recurrent topoi in the narration of life and the skills of arts men from the Middle Ages to the contemporary age, it is clear that the relevance of this character in the modern imagination is linked to the stratification of meanings and prejudices that over the centuries have been deposited onto his . . . → En lire plus