Appel à communication : Trois nouvelles sessions pour le Congrès de la RSA (Boston, 31 mars-2 avril 2016)

RSANewLogoTrois nouvelles sessions pour le congrès annuel de la RSA proposent un appel à communication :

1. Converging paths. Encounters between art and science Deadline: June 6, 2015

Art and science encounter each other when they seek exactitude. (E.-J. Marey)

In spite of being very different research fields, with different goals and methodologies, art and science can interact in many ways and influence each other. Progress in scientific research can bring about progresses in art, as testified by the introduction of the perspective in Renaissance art, and technical discoveries, such as the invention of oil painting, can offer artists new expressive tools. Furthermore, science can also provide valuable tools for . . . → En lire plus