Appel à communication : « Light Colour Line – Perceiving the Mediterranean » (Bern, 9-11 Sep 2013)

Light Colour Line – Perceiving the Mediterranean: Conflicting Narratives and Ritual Dynamics (Bern, 9-11 Sep 2013)

Bern, September 9 – 11, 2013 Deadline: Mar 1, 2013

5th International Conference of Mediterranean Worlds hosted by the Department of the History of Art, TransMediterraneanStudies, University of Bern. In collaboration with The Mediterranean Seminar, University of California Santa Cruz; Department of History, 29 Mayis University; Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta and University of Colorado at Boulder.

The theme of this interdisciplinary conference will focus on three issues: 1. The light, the colour, the horizon line are parameters for the perception of the Mediterranean. A statement such as “the colour of the Mediterranean is only turquoise . . . → En lire plus