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The Archives of American Art announces an upcoming symposium, American Art History and Digital Scholarship: New Avenues of Exploration, to be held at the Donald W. Reynolds Center for American Art and Portraiture in Washington, DC, on Friday, November 15. This will be followed by a one-day workshop at the Archives of American Art on Saturday, November 16.  We seek proposals for Friday’s presentations and applications for participation in Saturday’s moderated workshop.

The purpose of the symposium is to convene scholars, archivists, librarians, graduate students, technical experts, and the public to consider American art history in a digital world. The symposium will examine ways to integrate digital tools and/or resources into the study of American art and to encourage collaboration.

Conference organizers seek original, innovative scholarship from a variety of disciplines, institutions, and research centers. The symposium will assess the potential values and limitations of technical tools in digital humanities including crowdsourcing, high-resolution imaging and dynamic image presentation, mapping, visual recognition software, network analysis, topic modeling, and data mining. Are there particular digital tools and methods that will transform research? What new knowledge can be gained? The symposium will also consider future directions in the fields of art history and digital humanities so that research centers and archives can prepare for emerging research trends and questions. Additionally, the symposium may consider the creative potential of online publishing for presenting peer-reviewed scholarship in American art.

Day One: Symposium. This event will feature talks and panels by key thinkers and innovative practitioners who are currently using digital approaches to advance the study of American art.  Papers may address the following topics: research practices and trends, tools and methods, pedagogy, publishing, and outreach.
Proposals should include a 300-word abstract and a short CV and be sent via email to
Deadline for submissions: August 15, 2013

Day Two: Workshop. The workshop will be a moderated discussion on developing partnerships and projects in the field of American art. The success of new ventures in digital research depends on collaborations among archivists, scholars, teachers, students, and IT specialists. What can we learn from each other? Participants should apply via email at and submit a brief statement of interest about potential applications of digital research for American art history. Please include in your statement particular subject areas, methods, and/or projects that you would like to develop.  Organizers may screen applications for Day Two to ensure a wide representation of specialties, subject areas, and institutions.
Deadline for registration: September 30, 2013

Confirmed speakers will be required to submit a revised abstract by October 30, 2013. The symposium will be free and open to the public, webcast, and archived for later viewing. Schedule and materials will be posted to

Funds for travel and accommodations are available for accepted speakers.
This symposium is funded by the Terra Foundation for American Art.

For more information about the symposium, please contact Kelly Quinn, Terra Foundation Project Manager for Online Scholarly and Educational Initiatives

For more information about the Archives of American Art visit

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