Appel à communication : « Art in Transfer : Curatorial practices and transnational strategies in the Era of Pop »  » (Stockholm)

americanart-artgallery-artmuseum-79517-oArt in Transfer (Stockholm, 6-8 Nov 14)

Södertörn University, Stockholm, November 6 - 08, 2014
Deadline: Apr 15, 2014

Art in Transfer: Curatorial practices and transnational strategies in
the Era of Pop 

The conference Art in Transfer. Curatorial Practices and Transnational
Strategies in the Era of Pop, takes place at Södertörn University Campus
and Moderna Museet, Stockholm, November 6-8, 2014. Organizers are the
department of Art history together with the Centre for Baltic and East
European Studies at Södertörn University. The conference is generously
supported by the Terra Foundation for American Art.

Art in Transfer proposes to take a new look at exchange practices in the
long 1960s – a decade stretching back to the 1950s and forth into the
1970s. The "Era of Pop" gets its name from its reputation for a new,
intense, artistic engagement to and from the USA. The conference concept
departs from the breakthrough of American art and popular culture in
Europe, specifically perceived through the lens of the Stockholm art
scene of the long 1960s. This is a time and place where the Cold War
atmosphere of arms and space race was constantly felt in political and
cultural affairs, through varying tension and relative openness.
Cultural exchange offered ground for diplomacy as well as counter
cultures. The Stockholm art scene also offers a spatio-temporal model of
how power structures were reshuffled, as new production forms, positions
and liaisons emerged on the markets and in the fields of art. The
Swedish capital, located in a (supposedly) neutral country between the
USA and the Soviet Union, will be taken as a point of departure to
reassess East-West transnational strategies with regards to the
Neo-Avant-garde, exhibition forms, new media and novel artworks, and not
least new theories and ways of mapping of cultural relations. In the Era
of Pop, artistic regeneration spread in networks both outside and inside
institutions, between metropolises and peripheries. 

The conference will explore the topics above through a wide gathering of
scholars on art. Confirmed keynote speakers are Hiroko Ikegami, Kobe
University; Branden W. Joseph, Columbia University, New York; and Piotr
Piotrowski, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan.

CFP is due on April 15st, 2014. For instructions and further information
on the conference theme, see

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