Appel à communication : « Artistic Translations between the 14th &16th Centuries » (18 avril 2013, Varsovie)

Medieval and Early Modern One-Day Seminar at the University of Warsaw
Warsaw, April 18, 2013

Deadline for abstracts: January 14, 2013.


Keynote speakers:
Paul Binski (University of Cambridge)
Gra?yna Jurkowlaniec (University of Warsaw)

Various striking similarities between art from geographically distant locations tempted art historians to analyze and compare specific examples of regional artistic solutions. Until recently most scholars placed their efforts on identifying influences stimulating creation of visually similar art in different locations. Presently the term influence itself was subject to revision, followed by the rejection of its implicit straightforward direction of any artistic connection, and instead arguably more useful term translation had been introduced.

This workshop is aimed at young researchers and is centered around the idea of transregional translation of art in Latin Europe between c.1300 and c.1600. While we will entertain papers on visual connections between any two different regions we particularly seek papers that address the understudied European regions such as British Isles, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Hungary.
We encourage papers based on specific examples that challenge previous attempts to coordinate stylistically and chronologically similar artistic endeavors from different European regions.

Possible topics include but are not limited to:

-Direct or mediated access to models from other regions, and issues of the debatable priority of designs.
-Local traditions as well as cultural conditions that created context for reception of various foreign designs.
-Restating of various artistic traditions versus old fashioned idea of foreign imports estranged from singular and homogenous local output.
-Arguably unified expectations formulated by patrons of arts, including nuanced differences in taste within Christian Church and at various European courts (different entourages, different family alignments).
-European codification of certain representational norms and motifs within religious, cultural and political context.

Please send an abstract (less than 250 words) and short biography to by January 14, 2013.


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