Appel à communication : Congrès de l’association européenne d’art et d’archéologie asiatique (Zürich, 24-27 août 2017)

Collections du musée Guimet, ParisThe Board of the EAAA is pleased to announce the call for paper for the 2nd EAAA conference to be held at University of Zurich, Switzerland, between 24th and 27th August 2017.

The conference is jointly organized by the European Association for Asian Art and Archaeology (EAAA) and the Section of East Asian Art History (KGOA) at the University of Zurich.

The University of Zurich is the only institution of higher learning in Switzerland where the subject of East Asian art history can be studied as a full program. Museum research constitutes an important part of the department’s activities and its broader aim is to promote the discipline of East Asian art history, both within Switzerland and within Europe. The KGOA is proud to host the conference as a founding member of the EAAA.

The purposes of the conference are to:

*  open dialogues between scholars of Asian art and archaeology and to offer a platform for the presentation and discussion of recent research
*  highlight the significance of Asian art and archaeology research
*  focus research on the many collections of Asian art in European collections and institutions;
*  revise historical approaches that have been prevalent in the study and research of Asian art and archaeology
*  elaborate existing art theories and methodology
*  form new research approaches and methods in Asian art and archaeology

Conference participation

Scholars of Asian art and archaeology from Europe and beyond are invited to submit their proposals for contributions on art and archaeology of China, Japan, Korea, South and Central Asia, as well as on art theory, methodology and museum research of these areas. Presenters are either established scholars (working at museums, universities, institutes or active as independent scholars) or junior scholars (holding MA or PhD degrees).
For details on submissions, please consult the EAAA homepage:

Further information

For more information on the EAAA and its conference, visit the EAAA website:
At a later date, suggestions for accommodations in Zurich and other information will be posted on the website.

For questions related to the conference, please contact Anna Hagdorn at:
For questions related to the EAAA, please contact Nataša Vampelj Suhadolnik at:
For any other question, contact conference host and chair: Hans Bjarne Thomsen, University of Zurich

Organizational committee

Hans Bjarne Thomsen (KGOA, University of Zurich & EAAA)
Nataša Vampelj Suhadolnik (EAAA)
Anna Hagdorn (KGOA, University of Zurich)

Contact Info:
Hans Bjarne Thomsen
University of Zurich

Contact Email:

Conference of European Association for Asian Art and Archaeology
(August, 24–27, 2017, University of Zurich, Switzerland)

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