Appel à communication : « First Interdisciplinary Conference on Historical Fictions » (Cambridge, février 2016)

Fra Angelico, Saint Laurent reçoit les dons de l'Eglise, VaticanHistorical fictions can be understood as an expanded mode of historiography. Scholars in literary, visual, historical and museum/re-creation studies have long been interested in the construction of the fictive past, understanding it as a locus for ideological expression. We welcome paper proposals from Archeology, Literature, Media, Art History, Musicology, Reception Studies, Museum Studies, Recreation and others.

We welcome paper proposals across historical periods, with ambitious, high-quality, inter-disciplinary approaches and new methodologies that will support research into larger trends and which will lead to more theoretically informed understandings of the mode across historical periods, cultures and languages.

We aim to create a disciplinary core, where researchers can engage in issues of philosophy and methodology and generate a collective discourse around historical fictions in a range of media and across period specialities.

Paper proposals consisting of a title and abstract of no more than 250 words should be submitted to:  by September 1st 2015.

Professor Farah Mendlesohn
Anglia Ruskin University

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