Appel à communication : « In Se@rch of Wisdom: Knowledge Spaces and Networks across the Mediterranean Sea » (Madrid, 2-4 novembre 2016)

In Se@rch of WisdomX Jornadas Complutenses de Arte Medieval.

This conference  is to deepen into the various insights of the construction of spaces and the production of works of art linked to knowledge in the Middle Ages, throughout different geographical, cultural, and social realms within the Mediterranean area.

Conference sessions:

1. “Mirror of Princes: paideia, uirtus and adab” is focused on secular places of knowledge.

2. “Science and its usages” deals with those spaces and networks where medieval science was developed.

3. “Books and their spaces” is devoted to the production of Medieval manuscripts and the places for books.

4. “Masters, sages and patrons” analyzes the relationship between patrons, artisans, and knowledge producers, paying special atention to synergies of all those linked to scientific development.

Paper proposals should include an abstract of the issue written in Spanish, English or French languages, a bibliographical reference’s list and a short Curriculum Vitae of the submiter. Proposals should be framed within one of the four sessions by the submiter. Priority will be given to  those innovative approaches, critical analyses or insights into the specific framework of the session topics, especially those linked to al‐Andalus, Hispanic Kingdoms or Medieval Egypt.

Proposals should be sent to before 15th June 2016.

 Appel à communication en espagnol

Contact Info:
Cientific Committee of the 10th Complutense Conference on Medieval Art.
University Complutense of Madrid. Department of History of Medieval Art.
Heads of the Committe: Mrs Alexandra Uscatescu and Mrs Irene González.

Contact Email:

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