Appel à communication : « Korea: Art and artistic relations with Europe/Poland »

Dear Colleagues,

The Conference offers an ideal opportunity for scholars from the European Union, the  South  Korea, the countries of  Asia as well as other parts of the world to meet and exchange ideas and results of their research on Korean art.

Poland has a long-standing tradition of research in Asian studies. Some institutions in Poland have been involved in stimulating academic interest in Korean culture and art, such as the Faculty of Oriental Studies of the University of Warsaw, and the Institute of Study and Restoration of Artistic Works, Faculty of Fine Arts of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun as well as the Asia and Pacific Museum in Warsaw and the State Museum of Ethnology on Warsaw

Interest in the culture of this region has been growing among art historians, art restorers, museologists, orientalists, ethnologists, theatre, dance, music and film scholars.



The proposed main thematic domains of the conference are:


1.  Genesis of Korean art and their artistic relation with China; influences of Confucianism and Taoism;

2.  Buddhist art and culture of Korea and its influences on medieval art  of Japan; Korean artists in Nara;

3.  Korean ceramic  and applied art;


4. Art of royal court  of Korea: architecture of  royal palaces and gardens in Seoul, Office of Paintings, “literati”

paintings, portrait paintings, art of books and print;

5. Art  connected to  the Silhak reform movement in late Joseon Dynasty between the late 17th and early

19th centuries;  realistic tendencies in paintings and print;

6. Korean art and culture in the international context between China and Japan; Korean motifs in Japanese art;

reception  of European art between the late 19th and early  20th centuries;

7. Korean art  under the Japanese occupation;  architecture in the European styles in Seoul and Busan,

Christian  architecture and art;

8. Korean art after the  liberation:  Korean war in art;  art relation with European and American art; avant-garde

art  (Nam Jun Paik);

9.  Korean ceremonial performances and theatre: its connections  with shamanism;

10. Contemporary Korean art and visual culture;

11. Korean art in the museum collections in  Europe;

12. Polish-Korean art relations.



We welcome participants in two categories:

(1) Speakers who present their papers,

(2) General audience who participate without presenting a paper.



As a rule, each speaker will be given 30 minutes; the paper (20 min) will be followed by a discussion (10 min). There will be sufficient time for unrestricted discussion and personal contact during the conference as well.

The registration forms (attached below) including short abstracts will be expected by March 31, 2012. They should be sent to:

The organizers plan to publish the contributions in a separate conference volume.



The language of the conference is English.



50 Euro. No conference fee for Ph.D. students


The Conference will take place in  Warsaw, the capital city of Poland

The organizers are trying to secure sufficient financial resources to meet the costs of accommodation and board for all the participants presenting their papers. We will inform you about the final results of our efforts in this regard as soon as possible.

You are most cordially welcome!



Prof. Dr. Jerzy Malinowski, President of the Polish Institute of World Art Studies, Nicolaus Copernicus University,

Torun – chairman of the conference (;

Dr. Ewa Rynarzewska,  Korean Studies, Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Warsaw (;

Dr. Joanna Wasilewska, Vice-President of the Polish Institute of World Art Studies, Deputy Director of the Asia

and   Pacific Museum, Warsaw (;

Filip Gawarski,  Polish Institute of World Art Studies –  scientific secretary of the conference (

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