Appel à publication : « Art History Pedagogy and Practice n°2 ».

046570f9d4625921720f54e9dcfe88f8Art History Pedagogy and Practice (AHPP), issue no. 2

Call for Papers Art History Pedagogy and Practice (AHPP), issue no. 2 Art History Pedagogy and Practice (AHPP) is a peer-reviewed, open-access e-journal dedicated to advancing teaching and learning in art history. The journal provides a forum for scholarly discourse that articulates and presents the range of pedagogical methods for learners in formal, informal, and virtual learning environments. AHPP contributes to the radical transformation of education by promoting the research and practice of pedagogy beyond institutional or disciplinary boundaries, and seeks to raise the profile and value of those who identify as educators across fields and disciplines. With its second issue, AHPP seeks long form articles, short form essays, and multi-modal projects that address any aspect of the scholarship of teaching and learning in the field of art history (SoTL-AH). Long form article submissions and multi-modal projects should be grounded in best practices associated with SoTL and include a description of research questions, methodologies, and results in the form of qualitative and/or quantitative data. Authors should analyze the data with an eye to its meaning and the ways in which the results might improve learning in classrooms where art history is taught. Short form essays may be scholarly or reflective, considering the use and experience of SoTL in the art history classroom from the perspective of teachers and/or learners. We invite a broad spectrum of submissions and possible topics might investigate:

– the impact of writing intensive courses on student performance;

– applications of flipped classroom and active learning models of instruction;

– effective assignments, activities, and assessment strategies;

– comparing performance of students in in-person, online, and hybrid classrooms;

– the use of museums, community or service learning, study abroad experiences, or digital technologies and resources;

– research-based position papers articulating pedagogical goals, concerns, and possibilities for the discipline.

Submission types may include but are not limited to:

– Long-form articles: essays and reports documenting completed or in-progress projects, theoretical or scholarly papers, reflections, or reviews of literature (3,000-10,000 words)

– Short-form essays: reports on works in progress, responses to previously published literature, reflections about in-class experiences, tools and tips about teaching methods that reflect on and assess the effectiveness of a pedagogical approach in a scholarly manner (1,500-3,000 words)

– Multi-modal projects: in-progress or completed projects that fit into the rubric of the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL)

– Principles and Practicalities of SoTL-AH: essays and reports addressing the practical needs, concerns, benefits, and processes of conducting SoTL in art history and related disciplines

See the AHPP website for Manuscript Preparation Guidelines. Submissions for Issue 2 will be accepted online at until March 1, 2017. If you have additional questions about your submission, please contact the editorial team of AHPP at


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