Appel à publication : « Collecting Italian Art North of the Alps 1600-1800 », RIHA Journal

The Italian schools occupied central positions in early modern art collections, a tradition that continued through the 19th and 20th centuries. The primacy of Italian art became a cornerstone for museum practice as well as a founding principle for the nascent art history discipline. This issue takes a closer look at the beginning of this tradition in the 17th and 18th century. Since the 1960s (and before), scholars have taken an interest in the Grand Tours of princes, aristocrats and connoisseurs. More recent research has added to the picture by discussing the collecting activities of artists, architects, diplomats, dealers and scholars, and of women collectors and
travellers. Further advances in the last few years have included investigations of the Italian art market(s), early modes of display, legal and illegal ways of export and curatorial strategies in the early princely collections and private museums. Although pictures and sculptures have been most in focus, scholars are also bringing these questions with a new interest to collections of the applied arts, prints and drawings (including architectural and decorative drawings).

The issue could  include (but does not have to be restricted to) studies of individual collectors and collectors, primary and secondary art markets, the history and theory of display, the export and physical transportation of art, auctions, bequests, the supply of and demand for particular schools, changing attitudes to individual artists, the rise of the interest in the « primitivi », looting, copying, and the political and nation-building dimensions of collecting.

Suitable submissions will be sent to two expert peer reviewers for blind review. Articles should be no longer than 50,000 characters (including spaces) or 8,000 word, both measures including footnotes and captions. Up to 10 illustrations will be accepted.

Contributions in English, French, Italian or German are welcome.

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Deadline: 1 December 2013.

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Martin Olin, Assistant Director, Swedish Institute in Rome. Guest Editor of « Collecting Italian Art North of the Alps »
Magdalena Gram, RIHA Journal Local Editor, and Linda Hinners, Assistant Local Editor, Nationalmuseum, Stockholm.
Research Department / Nationalmuseum, Stockholm

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