Appel à publication : « Drawing in Contemporary Art » (revue en ligne, issue: Drawing in Contemporary Art

October 21, 2014 Deadline: Jan 15, 2015 <>

The theme of the next issue will be the “drawing”, whose definition  below. Anyone interested to propose an article about this topic can  send to our editors, by 1st January 2015, the working title, and, by  15th January 2015, the final version of the article according to the  editorial rules indicated in the link below and together with a  curriculum vitae. Even the artists are invited to participate. They can  send to the editorial staff their works, inspired by the theme  proposed, which will be selected as the cover of the review. For those  who want to submit an article that is outside the theme proposed, they  may contact our editors for a possible publication in the “Fuoritema”  (Off topic) section of the review. Languages: Italian, English, French.  Drawing The term “drawing” generally alludes to a graphic representation of  elements, real or imaginary, by different tools or supports. In the  visual arts “drawing” has a double meaning, signifying whether an  autonomous artistic expression, or the preparatory study of an artwork  realized by other techniques (painting, sculpture, etc.). In this  second case, the term is associated with the concepts of “project”,  “model” and “program”, founding a corresponding sphere of application  in architecture and design. The “line” is a constitutive element of  drawing, through which are traced – and therefore materialized – the  form boundaries, as well as its inner details.

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