Journée d’étude : « Pontormo & Rosso Fiorentino: Court Artists in Turmoil  » (Florence, 4 avril 2014)

pontormo-e-rosso-mostraPontormo & Rosso Fiorentino: Court Artists in Turmoil 
(Florence, 4 Apr 14)

BIF, Harold Acton Library, Lungarno Guicciardini, 
9, 50125 Florence, 
April 4, 2014
Registration deadline: Mar 28, 2014

Pontormo and Rosso Fiorentino: Court Artists in Turmoil

This conference will accompany an exhibition on Rosso Fiorentino 
and Pontormo hosted bythe Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi in Florence.
Curated by Antonio Natali and Carlo Falciani, the exhibition 
(8 March to 20 July 2014) charts the "Diverging Paths of Mannerism" 
and promises deep insights into the reasons of and motivations for this
particular style.

organised by Andrea M. Gáldy and Lauren Johnson

Preliminary Programme (may be subject to change)

9.00 am — Registration and Welcome
9.30 am — Introduction by Antonio Natali and Carlo Falciani

Lauren Johnson: Pontormo's Baptism of Christ and the 1514 Festa di San Giovanni:
A 'Youthful' Recontextualization

10.00 am — Identity Crises: Pontormo as Portraitist

Julia Siemon: Portraits by Pontormo in the Decade after the Siege(1529-39):
Questions of Politics,Identity, and Dating
Mary Hogan Camp: Beyond the Earthly Veil: Paragon and paragone in 
Pontormo's Portrait of Maria Salviati
Antonio Geremicca: Not Giovanni Della Casa but Niccolò Ardighelli. 
On the "Portrait of a Prelate" of Washington by Pontormo and some notes 
on his Portraiture

11.30 am — Coffee Break12.00 pm — Breaking Rules Creatively

Femke Speelberg: Breaking with Decorum: The Impact of Rosso Fiorentino 
as Designer and Architect
Jamie Mulherron: Rosso Breaking Lines

1.00 pm — Lunch (included in the conference fee)

2.00 pm — Religious Narrative: Sources and Transformations

Cécile Beuzelin:The Smile of the Laocoon in the Pala Pucci Agnes Fazakas:
A Narration through Corporeality:The Body of Christ in the Art of 
Rosso Fiorentino from Crucifixion to Ascension
Daniele Pitrolo: A New Source for Rosso Fiorentino's Descent from the Cross

3.30 pm — Tea Break

4.00 pm — Provoking even in their Absence: the Frescoes of San Lorenzo

Daniel Mafe: Mourning of Oblivion: Ekphrasis and Pontormo's Destroyed Frescoes
of San Lorenzo
Jasmin Mersmann: Diluvian forms: Pontormo in the Choir of San Lorenz
Elizabeth Pilliod: Pontormo at San Lorenzo: Revised

5.30 pm — Keynote Speech

Henk van Veen:The Historian's View: Vasari on Rosso Fiorentino and Pontormo

6.30 pm — Conference End

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fee at the British Institute Library Desk in person 
(status ID required).

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