Séminaire : « Once more with feeling: Performing the self in the work of Gillian Wearing, Kutluğ Ataman and Phil Collins » (Paris, 14 janvier 2015)

Phil Collins, installation view of  'el mundo no escuchará/the world won't listen', 2004, Courtesy of the artist.

Phil Collins, installation view of ‘el mundo no escuchará/the world won’t listen’, 2004, Courtesy of the artist.

Séance du séminaire Écrans exposés. Cinéma, art contemporain, médias, par Catherine Fowler

14 janvier 2015 – 18h-20h
Galerie Colbert
Salle Nicolas-Claude Fabri de Peiresc
Institut national d’histoire de l’art
entrée libre

Accès : 6 rue des Petits-Champs ou 2, rue Vivienne
75002 Paris

The sight of ordinary people performing is commonplace on the internet, television and social media. So what can we make of contemporary artworks that also ask real, ordinary, amateur people to perform on camera? What does the act of artists recording ordinary people ‘mean’ to us; how do the resulting videos transform the art spaces in which we find them and, equally, how do real people performing on video art themselves ‘matter’ to viewers? This talk argues for the recognition of a new trajectory of performance-on-video, using work by Gillian Wearing, Kutluğ Ataman and Phil Collins. By paying careful attention to their videos and installations we find that a different kind of participatory space is gained on-screen which draws artist, performer and gallery visitor together through affective connections. In giving attention to this new trajectory of performance-on-video what we ultimately discover are ways of thinking about the act of recording that make faith in the subject possible once again.

Dr Catherine Fowler is an Associate Professor in Film Studies at Otago University, New Zealand. Her research interests are in film analysis, feminism and film, the film/art axis of influence and European cinema. She has published three books: The European Cinema Reader (Editor, 2002), Representing the Rural: Space Place and Identity in Films about the Land(Co-editor [with Gillian Helfield] 2006) and Sally Potter (2009).

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