Grants and Fellowships, Spring 2024, Paul Mellon Centre, London

Grants and Fellowships, Spring 2024, Paul Mellon Centre, London Application deadline: Jan 31, 2024

Applications are now open for the spring 2024 round of Paul Mellon Centre funding opportunities. The categories of funding on offer are: – Senior Fellowships – Mid-Career Fellowships – Postdoctoral Fellowships – Junior Fellowships – Rome Fellowship – Research Support Grants – Event Support Grants

We are also launching our third round of New Narratives. These awards are: – MA/MPhil Studentship – Doctoral Scholarship – Early Career Fellowship

Our funding programme supports scholarship, academic research and the dissemination of knowledge in the fields of British art and architectural history, and of British visual culture understood more broadly, from the medieval period to the present day and across the spectrum of relevant geographical and cultural . . . → En lire plus

Appel à contribution : Constructing Coloniality: the Built Environment (London, 12-14 May 23)

Constructing Coloniality: the Built Environment (London, 12-14 May 23)

The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, UK, May 12–14, 2023 Deadline: Jan 27, 2023

Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain Annual Conference 2023. CONSTRUCTING COLONIALITY: BRITISH IMPERIALISM AND THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT.

Demands to ‘decolonise’ have grown louder and louder in recent years, not least in architecture, architectural history and heritage. In Britain public monuments and spaces have loomed large in discussions about the legacies of slavery and empire and the processes of repair, from Edward Colston in Bristol and Cecil Rhodes in Oxford, to Winston Churchill and numerous others in . . . → En lire plus

Deux postes postdoc Yale Center for British Art

2 Postdoctoral Associates, Yale Center for British Art

Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, CT Application deadline: Aug 15, 2022

[1] Postdoctoral Associate, Research Division, Yale Center for British Art [2] Postgraduate Associate, Curatorial Division, Yale Center for British Art


[1] Postdoctoral Associate, Research Division, Yale Center for British Art

The Yale Center for British Art (YCBA) is offering a Postdoctoral Associate position of one year, with the possibility of renewal for up to three-years duration, in the Research Department. This project-orientated position is for candidates who have completed their PhD. Candidates who have completed their PhD outside the field of British Art as well as . . . → En lire plus

Paul Mellon Rome Fellowship

Paul Mellon Rome Fellowship British School at Rome Application deadline: Jan 31, 2020 <>

Awards for Senior or Early Career Scholars

Paul Mellon Centre Rome Fellowship The Paul Mellon Centre sponsors an annual 3-month Rome Fellowship

Research area: British-Italian art-historical topics of any period from the medieval era to the contemporary

Open to: scholars, researchers, curators, archivists and GLAM professionals from immediately post-doctoral to those internationally recognised in their field of expertise. Applicants must have been awarded their doctorate by the closing date for applications.

Duration: 3 months (late September-late December; January-March; April-June)

Research Grant: Independent scholars: £7,000. Full-time university employees: £3,000, . . . → En lire plus

Appel à candidature : deux postes de maîtres de conférences en histoire de l’art (Oxford & Monash, juillet-août 2019)

Deux postes de maîtres de conférences (Lecturers) en CDD sont proposés à des docteurs et doctorants par les universités d’Oxford et de Monash :

1) Departmental Lecturer in the History of Art, University of Oxford (Grande Bretagne), Faculty of History Date limite : 24 juillet 2019. Contrat de douze mois

Art médiéval et moderne ; réception de l’Antique

Departmental Lecturer in the History of Art Department of History of Art, Littlegate House, St Ebbe’s, Oxford Grade 7 Salary in the range: £32,236 – £34,189 p.a. This is an exciting opportunity to join our . . . → En lire plus

Colloque : « Alphonse Legros de la France à l’Angleterre /Alphonse Legros in France and Britain » (Dijon, 4-5 mai 2017)

Né à Dijon en 1837, Alphonse Legros aurait fréquenté l’École des Beaux-Arts de sa ville natale avant de gagner Paris puis Londres où il s’installe en 1863. En 1876, il est nommé professeur à la Slade, où il introduit l’enseignement de la gravure et de la sculpture. Membre fondateur en 1880 de la Society of Painters-Etchers, dont l’influence sur le renouveau de la gravure et de l’art du livre illustré est notable, Legros est également un médailliste reconnu, jouant un rôle important dans le renouveau de cet art. Lorsqu’il meurt en 1911, il est un citoyen britannique auquel la Tate Gallery rendra hommage par une très grande rétrospective.

. . . → En lire plus

Call for papers: student for View 2015 (London, 28 february)

1109VIEW 2015

The Institut français du Royaume-Uni in London is proud to announce the second edition of ‘VIEW’, its annual art history festival, which sets out to pioneer an inclusive, accessible and ambitious approach of the study of art history. Building on the success of its first edition in February 2014, VIEW will explore the multiple facets of art history through debates, conversations, talks, exclusive museum tours and an art book fair, as well as a special programme of student presentations. To showcase the work of some of the best young researchers in art history in France and in the UK, six students, selected by a jury through a special call for papers, . . . → En lire plus

Un festival d’histoire de l’art à Londres : VIEW

Un festival d’histoire de l’art à Londres : VIEW

Capture d’écran 2014-02-07 à 02.53.59Le festival d’histoire de l’art de Fontainebleau fait des émules … le premier festival d’histoire de l’art du Royaume Uni, VIEW, se tient à l’institut français de Londres les 7-9 février 2014. Ce festival souhaite explorer les multiples facettes de l’histoire de l’art à travers des débats, des conférences, des films, des présentations d’étudiants (ArtLab), des visites de musée et une foire aux livres. Y participent à la fois des universitaires, des conservateurs, de collectionneurs, des directeurs de musées, des écrivains, artistes, journalistes, de différentes nationalités européennes. Six thèmes ont été retenus : les faux . . . → En lire plus

Appel à communication : « Invention & Imagination in British Art & Architecture » (30 octobre-1er novembre 2014, Londres)

The British Museum and The Paul Mellon Centre, October 30 – November 1, 2014 Deadline-CFP: 25 mars 2014

bmInvention and Imagination in British Art and Architecture, 600-1500

This conference will explore the ways in which artists and patrons in Britain devised and introduced new or distinctive imagery, styles and techniques, as well as novel approaches to bringing different media together. It is concerned with the mechanisms of innovation, with inventive and imaginative processes, and with the relations between conventions and individual expression. The conversation will therefore also address the very notions of sameness and difference in medieval art and architecture, and how these may be evaluated and explained . . . → En lire plus

Appel à communication : « Built Environment and Architectural Production » (7-9 mars 2014, Riverside)

PCCBS, Riverside, California, March 7 – 09, 2014 Deadline-CFP: 15 oct. 2013

Monopolies of the Built Environment and Architectural Production in Ireland and the Empire, 1700-1900

Session at PCCBS – The Pacific Coast Conference on British Studies, Riverside, California, 7-9 March 2014

Proposals due by 15 October 2013

This session seeks to bring together scholars whose work relates to monopolies – whether material, political, religious, spatial, or temporal – and how they affected the built environment and the methods by which urban spaces developed. Economic historians have long seen the centrality of monopolies to Georgian and Victorian society, especially in colonial scenarios, but those dealing with aspects of architectural production have . . . → En lire plus

Appel à publication : « Artists and art critics from Central and Eastern Europe in the West », RIHA Journal Special Issue, octobre 2014.

RIHA Journal ( invites submissions for its Special Issue:

Beyond boundaries. Artists and art critics from Central and Eastern Europe in the West.

The aim of the Special Issue is to present artists and art critics from Central and Eastern Europe who gained a special position in the Western Art World and played an important role in the development of art and art criticism. Many of them, well-known in the West (i.e., France, Germany, Great Britain), stayed almost unknown in their homelands although their output was imposing. The Special Issue is not confined to one particular period or one . . . → En lire plus

Colloque :  » Global Pop Research Symposium »

Tate Modern/Royal College of Art, London, March 14, 2013 Deadline: Nov 30, 2012

Global Pop Research Symposium

This research symposium at Tate Modern is part of a two-day event exploring the many manifestations of ‘Global Pop’. Organised in collaboration with the Royal College of Art, London, it will offer a unique opportunity for scholars working in different fields and geographies to develop new interpretations of ‘Pop’ in advance of The World Goes Pop, a major exhibition opening at Tate Modern in summer 2015.

By exploring contemporaneous engagements with Pop throughout the globe in the 1960s and 1970s, the exhibition will examine not only the phenomenon in Western Europe and the US but also survey Pop developments in Eastern Europe, Latin . . . → En lire plus

Souscription Monographie Arthena sur Loutherbourg

Philippe-Jacques de Loutherbourg (Strasbourg, 1740 – Londres, 1812), de Olivier Lefeuvre, préface de David Bindman

A cheval sur deux siècles, le XVIIIe et le XIXe, entre deux pays aux traditions artistiques très différentes, la France et l’Angleterre, le peintre d’origine strasbourgeoise Philippe-Jacques de Loutherbourg (1740-1812) fut un artiste reconnu et célébré par ses contemporains. Il est aujourd’hui oublié en dépit des pages enthousiastes de Diderot sur ses oeuvres exposées au Salon. L’artiste et son œuvre ont longtemps souffert de la réputation sulfureuse de l’homme. Irascible et violent, vénal, attiré par les sphères les plus obscures de la religion, adepte de l’alchimie, en quête de la pierre philosophale. Loutherbourg est . . . → En lire plus

Appel à communication : « Présentations et représentations du Royaume-Uni dans les expositions internationales, de 1851 à nos jours »

Les expositions internationales font l’objet de nombreuses recherches dans des disciplines très variées. Ce colloque se propose d’offrir une plate-forme pour favoriser échanges et discussions entre chercheurs (doctorants, post-docs, confirmés) dont le travail s’appuie sur des éléments à la fois de civilisation britannique et de l’histoire des expositions internationales. Le champ d’étude de cet appel se veut le plus accueillant possible, en s’ouvrant à une multiplicité de corpus et d’approches disciplinaires : histoires de l’art, de l’architecture, du design, du graphisme, de la culture visuelle, du genre, sociale, régionales. Etant donné la localisation du colloque, les expositions internationales de l’aire méditerranéenne sont d’un intérêt particulier (telles que Barcelone 1888, Turin 1902, Milan 1906, Séville 1929-30, Séville 1992, Lisbonne . . . → En lire plus