Appel à publication: « Histories of art history », Art History Supplement 3.1

Art History Supplement (AHS) (Online edition: ISSN 2046-9225) publishes bimonthly material, dealing with all time periods, methodologies,
techniques and debates within the board field of Art History. Further, the general themes intended to be covered in each volume could be
history of art history, history of conservation, history of museology, history of painting, history of sculpture and history of architecture.
Contributions from any other science (social or not) corresponding to material culture are also welcome.

The themes to be discussed under Histories of art history may include, but are not limited to :

  • Teaching western art history to non-western students,
  • Teaching non-western art history to western students,
  • Western art historians, and collectors, with non-western interests before the museum and academic discovery of non-western arts and art history,
  • Non-western published art history books – canons VS western published survey art history books acting as canons,
  • Art, art history and art historians in war times,
  • Patrimony in danger and its “protectors”, or Histories of museums and monuments under resistance / captivity / commandeering
  • Art in times of peace.

A submission consists of :

1.    A manuscript of minimum 3000 words (in English, French or in Italian)
2.    A 100-150 word abstract (in English)
3.    A list of illustrations (captions), if any. Each illustration should be sent as separate file; jp(e)g or .tiff
4.    All necessary copyright documentation for all quoted material and or all illustrations. The necessary legal copyright permissions must
have already been obtained by the author in question and the appropriate documentation should be just sent to the editor.

Further information at Author’s guidelines,

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